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top·knotˈtäpˌnät/nounnoun: top-knota knot of hair arranged on the top of the head.a decorative knot or bow of ribbon worn on the top of the head, popular in the 18th century.(in an animal or bird) a tuft or crest of hair or feathers.


As an accomplished hairstylist with over 15 years in the industry, it is my passion to make every client look and feel their best!

Nine years ago while maintaining my regular clients at a high-end salon,  I decided to branch off when the demand for on location hairstyling was on the rise for both bridal and special events, and hence, Topknot was born. 

Whether I am creating a hairstyle for a speaking engagement, gala or a wedding, I am able to offer my clients the convenience of having their hair done in the comfort of their own home (or hotel room for those out of town guests and wedding parties). Mobile Hairstyling has become the "new normal" these days, and on location hair services also allow executives and celebrities to continue working while maintaining a high profile. 

My artistic and creative side drive my passion for creating exquisite bridal hairstyles, as well as designing hair for a multitude of fashion campaigns. With a diverse clientele ranging from celebrities, politicians, musicians, and busy corporate executives, my dedication to pleasing my Topknot clients and surpassing their expectations, has lead me to be one of Ottawa's most sought after hairstylists.

I look forward to consulting with every client to provide you with an overall tailored image! 

Bridal Hair Specialist
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